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J.P. Morgan keeps cash in his pockets

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Brad DeLong on how to buy a 1.2 billion dollar building for 240 million

Written by Demosthenes

March 17, 2008 at 5:23 pm

Julian Schnabel and Michael Moore

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Julian Schnabel is an Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winning filmmaker and American Artist.

Michael Moore is an Academy Award-winning director and producer as well as a best-selling author.

Both are large, sweaty, and lack the talent of making a girl’s clothes fall off (unlike tequila). Could they have been seperated at birth?

Moore has a head up on Schnabel because he wasn’t snubbed by Oscar voters. I guess a story about a fashionable man stricken with paralysis following a stroke and a self involved artist/director/architect/Falstaff aren’t a winning combination these days (The Diving Bell and The Butterfly).

I guess Schnabel is trying to pass himself off as an architect these days. He built that monstrosity on West 11th St in Manhattan replicating an Italian Palazzo called Palazzo Chupi. He has even duped the rich and famous to purchase 2 units within the building. Both Richard Gere and a financial type have spent over $10 million to fit in with the “in crowd” of New York City. The two remaining units are a duplex and triplex that are priced well over $12 million.

Written by Hoaf

February 26, 2008 at 1:20 am