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Jack Ryan Loves Sam Raimi

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Jack Ryan has seen even more of resurgence since the Ryan Gosling rumors from earlier this month. Sam Raimi is in talks with paramount to revive the Tom Clancy series of films — as a developer and director. Tom Clancy is still not involved with the plot or development. It was reported earlier today in Variety.

Nothing is for certain yet, but Variety states the film be set in the present, during a “global threat.”

OOOO WOW! This movie is going to be the most original movie ever. It sounds almost as if they are just trying to take the name Jack Ryan and put it into a shitty action movie. I wonder if it’s possible that Sam Raimi and Ryan Gosling can actually make a good movie together.

If I was Paramount, I would make a good movie. Not a bad movie like they are based on these plot rumors.

Currently, Sam Raimi is busy with Drag Me to Hell, but Paramount will hopefully get him working on this picture so it can be released in the summer of 2010. Then again, he might be directing Spiderman 4-9.

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What Happened to Jack Ryan?

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Where have all the good political action thrillers gone?

The answer. Down with Ben Affleck’s action career. Because of the lackluster box office recipts of Sum of All Fears, plans were scrapped to continue the Jack Ryan series with Affleck and studio heads decided to wait for the general public to forget that the movie ever existed. Which seems to be NOW.

Our favorite action hero Jack Ryan has been tagged to a new movie without the involvement of Tom Clancy. They have had a series of directors attached including Phillip Noyce who directed the Harrison Ford movies in the series. But it seems that they have settled on raw edgy directors like Anton Fuqua or Fernando Meirelles.

Now you ask who are they going to have in the lead role. Ryan Gosling?!?! WTF! Does he exude testosterone like Harrison Ford or Ben Affleck (ouch!)? I don’t think so. He makes you cry because he appears in Nicholas Sparks movies.

I guess we should just be happy that Jack Ryan may one day end up on the big screen again.

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